Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Becoming an Artist

I have always spent hours creating faces. As a child I rmemeber fashioning faces out of wet tissues and letting them dry. Then there was the first grade third place prize for the clay swans crudely sculpted , placed on a mirror and shredded tissue of snowflakes surrounded their "lake".
Spending hours drawing on cardboard and on my bedroom walls, I painted tiny dancers and people running and jumping, animals foraging in forests and mountians. Dreaming of far away places, far from the streets of New York City. I had a crude portfolio of drawings and sketches prepared for the High School of Music and Art. I knew in my heart that I was going to be an artist, after all that's what I was, wasn't it? My hopes were dashed when I receieved the letter saying that I was not accepted to the pretigious high school. Alas, I was banished to the all girl high school in the depths of the Bronx. Three transit buses and 2 hours away. I was devastated.