Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Work

Finally able to post new work. Now I can put up pictures of the latet sculptures from my Ruidoso, New Mexico studio. I am working on an Apache warrior mask right now and hope to have him done by tomorow. I just finished and shipped two Horse sculptures, my latest in my series of clay animal sculptures. And today I took pictures of my new Warrior Sculpture Art. Actually it is a female mixed media wall sculpture. I call it a Goddess Warrior. She is magnificent. I was inspired by the subtle colors of the sea urchin necklace that I just bought in Albuquerque. She is a very realistic sculpture. Her presence in my studio is haunting and powerful. I can't decide if she an African sculpture or Aborigini or Native American Anasazi. .

The Mountain Man that was commissioned by a collector in California arrived and the client was very happy with his sculpture. The Santa that I finished went to his new home today and will be the center of the holiday table. More masks, more horses, more everything. I was just contacted by a gallery in Tubac, Arizona. I need to have a body of work ready to go by Dec 22...