Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bear sculpture

OSO, a colorful bear sitting on a rock ledge contemplating the coming of winter. He is ceramic, one of a kind , with layers of deep, transparent colors.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wolf Sculpture

Wolf sculpture
just finished this Wolf sculpture.

Horses and more New Mexico Centennial horses

I'm working day and night to get the New Mexico Centennial Horses ready to ship to the Museum shops in Santa Fe. They placed an order for a dozen more last week. I'm so slow. I wish I had a mold to speed up the process but I resist because I feel like it takes away the unique handmade quality of my work. I think people like to see the irregular surface, the imprint of my fingers in the fired clay. I've decided to focus more on the Native American Animal Spirits this year and along with the horses, I have a wolf, bear, raven and even a tiny deer mouse.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Native American BEAR ornament adorned with turquoise gemstone, copper beads and feathers - $49.00

Just completed, #1 of the Bear animal spirits. Sculpted in ceramic and fired, I decorated this powerful bear totem with a Native American turquoise fetish bear and turquoise beads. Using copper as the accent, He has a bone Healing hand to guide and protect you. The bear symbolizes instinct, healing, power, guardian, watcher, courage, will power, self-preservation, introspection, and great strength. Native Americans b...

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